A busy couple of weeks in the virtual and physical world


Well I have had a busy couple of weeks in the virtual and physical world talking about virtual worlds (VWs)! I was extremely honoured to have been able to visit The Freedom Project run by The University of Western Australia and the Virtual Ability group in Second life. This project saw wonderful creations from people with an ‘Invisible illness’ create a piece of art, film or machinima to show what Second Life means to them. Words can’t describe the amazing work best to go visit yourself before it disappears.
This project is of interested to me as a nurse but also as a health researcher and there are some similarities in my own PHD research. Last week I presented my first study findings in the physical world at the Royal College of Nursings Research Conference in Glasgow. My research focused on the Health Literacy skills of people in VWs and physical world health behaviour which I presented in Second Life late last year image
Thanks to Liz Dorland for the picture.
However The Freedom Project is closer to my second study which investigates how being in social VW communities influences people’s ability to live with their long term health condition in the physical world. Interesting and very honest findings so far but only half way thorough so more on that later.
I have also been teaching in Sl and our cyberpsychology students have been visiting Virtual Ability Island image
Last night I was on an invited panel at the Virtual Worlds Best Practice in Education conference with my VWER colleagues, Beth O’Connell and Dr Shailey Minocha
Which was really enjoyable and it was great to see so many of the VWER community there as well as many others.
Anyway, back to the physical world work.

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