Oct 18 2012

What’s New in GCU?

Hi Folks, So what is going on at GCU islands. Well, we are continuing to work with Indiana University in the use of virtual worlds for healthcare simulations (more on this soon). The University of Richmond will be back in a few months with Dr Joe Essid (Sl:Ignatius Onomatopoeia) and we continue to use VWs […]

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Feb 09 2012

Recruiting for PhD: Health literacy skills of people who access health information in 3D virtual worlds and the influence on physical world health behaviour

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Hi folks, I am currently recruiting participants for my PhD. If you or someone you know has accessed health information in a 3D virtual world I would love to interview you or them for my study. This could be access to a sim with health information in the form of a game, quiz, slide show, […]

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