Nov 05 2010

Exploring nursing students’ assessment and decision-making while in a Second Life clinical simulation laboratory – Price et al.

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Below is a poster presentation from some of my fellow lecturers about research they did with 3rd year nursing students. If you have any questions about the study or the results don’t hesiate to leave us a wee reply with an email or your avatar name. Or IM me in SL – Kali Pizzaro. Click […]

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Sep 16 2009

Exploring nursing students’ decision-making while in a Second Life clinical simulation laboratory. Dr. Jacqueline McCallum, Val Ness, Theresa Price, Andy Whiteford

This was a small scale qualitative evaluation of the lecturers’ (researchers’) and students’ experience of using Second Life in order to learn decision-making. Students assumed Avatars (a student nurse image in Second Life) and accessed the Clinical Simulation Laboratory within Second Life following changing into nursing uniform. They then worked through a scenario based activity. […]

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