Seminar on inequality hosted by the Center of Theological Inquiry at Princeton

Dr Michael Roy, Senior Lecturer at the Yunus Centre, recently participated in a high-profile seminar on inequality, hosted by the Center of ┬áTheological Inquiry (CTI) at Princeton, USA. Michael had been invited to present on his empirical research on addressing social vulnerabilities in Glasgow through social enterprise-led activity. This represented a continuation of a dialogue between CTI and GCU that has been ongoing since 2013, when a larger discussion was held there on the subject of ‘The Health and Wealth of Nations’ involving Nobel Prize in Economics recipient, Professor Angus Deaton and the then First Minister, Alex Salmond. This seminar also involved Deaton: he co-presented on the research led by his wife, Professor Anne Case, on the plight of the white working class in the US, which has since received significant media attention. The wider discussion provoked by the various papers presented at the seminar will feed into the design of a year-long Inquiry which will be hosted by CTI in the coming years.

CTI Consultation on Inequality – Programme

CTI Presentation – Dr Michael Roy

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