Getting ready for the World Forum on Climate Justice

At the Centre for Climate Justice we’re getting ready for the World Forum on Climate Justice, which will take part in Glasgow in June 2019. It’s a major milestone for us, timed at a turning point in our development as an action research centre.

We hope that the Forum will be an event which inspires hope, challenges current conversations around climate change and leads to further action and collaborations. The theme of the Forum is ‘changing the narrative’ and I’m delighted at the quality and breadth of abstracts which we received, almost 500 from all global regions. I’ll post more details of that later, but if you’re interested you can find out more on the World Forum on Climate Justice section of the Elsevier website or follow the event on the hashtag .

On the run up to the Forum my team and I are all working on our research into the various aspects of climate justice. We’re teaching students on our Masters in Climate Justice. We’re organising events, and we’re doing our best to make an impact with our work.

Part of the process is getting ourselves ready digitally, and we’re developing the Centre for Climate Justice website and other channels. We’ve set up this blog which we’ll use to discuss climate justice, highlight the outcomes and the challenges of our research, to promote and recap our events, exchange ideas, as well as discussing​ our challenges and our hopes, as well as current global issues.

I hope you’ll join us by subscribing to the blog, sharing our posts and commenting on them, or getting in touch to discuss collaborations online or in person.

We’re getting more active on Twitter, as a team and as individuals, and you can find us tweeting @GCUClimateJust. I’m new to Twitter, and you might like to follow me @JafryT.

This is an important time for us, and for climate justice. Please join us on this exciting journey!



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