Robust tourism sector helps support Scotland

carribeanTourism Minister Jim Mather has championed the resilience of Scotland’s tourism industry.

He commended the sector’s robust response to challenges brought by the continued tough economic climate and recent disruptions to air travel.

Glasgow Caledonian University’s tourism experts in the Moffat Centre produces the Visitor Attraction Monitor, an annual report on the performance of Scotland’s visitor attractions, with analysis by geographic location and other key variables. The associated Visitor Attraction Barometer is a monthly review of attractions’ performance data. It provides a regular monitor of performance based on returns from visitor numbers provided by a representative sample of attractions. Find out more about our tourism expertise. At the Applied Knowledge Exchange, we can offer your business assistance in the tourism sector.

Mr Mather also highlighted VisitScotland’s recovery plan in support of tourism businesses that have lost bookings over the past week because of the Icelandic volcano.

The initiative will see tourism businesses offered free marketing and advertising opportunities on VisitScotland’s Perfect Day website, complemented by a £100,000 radio and press advertising promotion, to stimulate interest in Scotland and encourage visitors to take a ‘staycation’.

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  1. migeration of tourism is beneficial for economy like scotland. Scotland is very beautiful country . It has many natural heritage , which attracts poeple . . . So it very good blog who let us know about such place like scotland. I am very impresses by this blog..

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