Caledonian Creates Exhibition 2011

A collective showcase of creative work from Glasgow Caledonian University will be available to view from 1st to 5th June 2011 on campus.

createsThere will be private viewing of the Caledonian Creates 2011 exhibition on Wednesday 1st June 6pm-8.30pm in the Saltire Centre in the heart of Glasgow city centre.

Caledonian Creates is the new face of creativity at Glasgow Caledonian University. It brings together the collective talents of staff and students from a breadth of academic and business backgrounds, offering a holistic approach to research, consultancy and teaching in creative industries’ subject areas.

We are inspirational in addressing design, multimedia, technology, marketing, communication, fashion and interior architecture needs. Innovative thinking combined with an entrepreneurial approach gives clients the confidence to connect with Caledonian Creates.

Need a product researched? Come to the marketing team. Got an idea but want to bounce it off someone else first? Get multimedia technology to manipulate your suggestions into the most appropriate medium. Got an object ready to roll but haven’t got the time to devote to it? Why not consult with product design and put together prototypes. Caledonian Creates can do these things for you.

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