Google reveals success tips for leadership development in The Cloud

Glasgow Caledonian University’s Caledonian Academy today hosted a Technology Enhanced Professional Learning event featuring Dr Julie Clow from Google.

Dr Clow, Learning and Organisational Development Manager of Google San Fransisco, revealed her model for developing early-career Google staff through the myriad of online tools available.

While traditional models of e-learning can be uninspiring, asking professional learners to input answers to assessments, Google has opted for a self-paced, creative, interactive model using YouTube, Google Moderator, Google Forms, Spreadsheets, Email and more to encourage leadership and teamwork development.

Sustainable Food and Drink talks to James Macsween

Macsween, guardian of Scotland’s national dish, is renowned for their traditional haggis and black puddings and, within the industry the business is also known for its environmental credentials. 

Over the years Macsween has managed to reduce their relative energy and water use, divert significant proportions of waste from landfill and implement an ethical sourcing policy.MrMacsween

The Sustainable Food & Drink (SFD) project, run at Glasgow Caledonian University, caught up with James Macsween to find what makes environmental initiatives a high priority at the company.

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Fuel Poverty issue puts low cost energy efficient housing on the agenda

Rising unemployment and dramatically increasing fuel prices could lead to significant fuel poverty in the UK unless more is done to invest in energy efficiency. Gas and electricity bills for millions of homes are expected to rocket in the coming years, as suppliers attempt to offset rising wholesale prices, energy analysts have warned.

Households are considered by the UK Government to be in fuel poverty if they have to spend more than 10% of household income on fuel to keep their home to an adequate standard of warmth. One of the most effective ways of combating fuel poverty is to target energy efficiency measures on homes typically occupied by those on low incomes.

AppleGreen Homes is working with Glasgow Caledonian University and Glasgow-based Spacesix Architects to research and develop an affordable, energy efficient home for the future at the new BRE Innovation Park at Ravenscraig in Motherwell. It will feature a solar energy package that will not only help significantly reduce electricity bills but will also drastically reduce heating bills, helping to eradicate fuel poverty. In addition, a guaranteed feed-in tariff from the solar electricity package will be paid to the owner, developer, housing association or council.

SETN annual conference – 29th June

GCU will be at the SETN annual conference at the University of Strathclyde on 29th June.

The event includes an exhibition and workshops, giving businesses in the Environmental and Clean Technologies sector advice on a range of issues including funding, business development, carbon reduction, intellectual property and regulation.

Speakers include Nigel Holmes, CEO at Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA), John Ferguson, Head of Strategy at Binn Eco Park and Peter Higgins, Founder and CEO at UWI Technology.

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A successful Scottish Technology Showcase for GCU

Glasgow Caledonian University profiled its High Voltage Engineering Research Group at this year’s Scottish Technology Showcase.

Scottish Technology Showcase 2011

Scottish Technology Showcase 2011

New technology is currently being developed by the group as part of a pioneering partnership with FMC Technologies.  The University’s High Voltage Research Group brings together engineers from a range of disciplines to tackle fundamental and applied research in high-voltage engineering systems and high-voltage insulation diagnostics.

GCU’s groundbreaking research in engineering has generated multiple patent applications and funding from industry including Doble and National Grid as well as EPSRC and Scottish Enterprise Proof of Concept funding.

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