Sustainable Food and Drink talks to James Macsween

Macsween, guardian of Scotland’s national dish, is renowned for their traditional haggis and black puddings and, within the industry the business is also known for its environmental credentials. 

Over the years Macsween has managed to reduce their relative energy and water use, divert significant proportions of waste from landfill and implement an ethical sourcing policy.MrMacsween

The Sustainable Food & Drink (SFD) project, run at Glasgow Caledonian University, caught up with James Macsween to find what makes environmental initiatives a high priority at the company.

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One thought on “Sustainable Food and Drink talks to James Macsween

  1. Sustainable Food and Drink is doing some great work with manufacturers and food companies on improving their carbon footprinting. They are also matching suppliers’ needs with that of their supermarket clients demands.

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