British School of Fashion shares industry findings

Professor Christopher Moore

Professor Christopher Moore

Fashion business industry leaders turned to the expertise of the British School of Fashion as part of their campaign to support UK’s reputation as the best place to start, develop and grow a designer fashion business.

The British Fashion Council, alongside UK Fashion and Textiles Association, Creative Skillset and M&S, commissioned the High-end and Designer Manufacturing Report, which was carried out by the British School of Fashion, led by Professor Christopher Moore, and Oxford Economics.

The study sets out the measures needed to fully realise the potential of high end fashion in the UK. It also reveals how, with the right support, sales could increase by £400million by 2018 and support an additional 1700 jobs.

The findings have been shared with government and industry leaders, and have attracted significant interest from the fashion media.

Professor Moore said: “This was a significant investigation of capability and capacity within the high-end and luxury goods manufacturing sector in the UK.

“GCU British School of Fashion was pleased to undertake all of the interviews with the country’s leading design and manufacturing companies for the study.

“The importance and value of the findings was demonstrated by the profile of the attendees at the launch of the report in London. These included Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries and Marc Bolland, CEO of Marks and Spencer.”

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