Entrepreneur talks to MSc Global Marketing students about social innovation in micro-lending

Benedikt Kramer

Benedikt Kramer

Entrepreneur Benedikt Kramer, co-founder of the start-up AWAMO, recently talked to GCU London students via teleconference facilities from Kampala, Uganda.

Ben identified availability and reliability of personal identification as a risk factor and key contributing factor to high interest rates in micro-lending. AWAMO developed smartphone based technology to provide secure biometric IDs mitigating the risks of micro-lending and unleashing its benefits. In 2015, AWAMO won €500,000 grant funding for a large scale pilot in Uganda.

GCU London students studying MSc Global Marketing explore the challenges of delivering the anticipated value propositions of product and service innovations. Talking about some of the challenges, to get the start-up off the ground, students heard about the need for the innovation to be commercially viable in order to operate and provide benefits to the local community.

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