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British School of Fashion logo

The British School of Fashion (BSoF) is delighted to announce that it will be holding its first Pop-up BSoF University in Milan from 17th-19th February.

The innovative Pop-up University will take place in Politecnico’s di Milano campus. During these three days students of Politecnico di Milano will have the opportunity to attend workshops, meet our academics and live the whole GCU London experience in Milan.

The main subject of this initiative is “Heritage meets innovation: critical perspectives on the British luxury sector”. Throughout the 3 days, BSoF professors and lecturers will deliver strategic insights from fashion business through workshops and open discussions, all with a British Perspective.

The initiative has a full calendar of events with workshops planned to shed light on current fashion issues such as entrepreneurship in luxury fashion companies, the digitalisation of the luxury industry, senior management challenges and experimental marketing.

Matteo Montecchi, Senior Lecturer at the British School of Fashion, said: “This is an exciting time for the fashion industry. It is great that the British School of Fashion can share knowledge with other students around the world and connect with some of the best international Universities.”

The British School of Fashion are looking forward to meeting students attending the innovative Pop-up University in Milan. To find out more about the British School of Fashion, please visit the British School of Fashion website.

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