Work based Shadowing Programme

Eastbrook School

Eastbrook School’s pupils

As part of GCU’s Strategy 2020, GCU London has been focused on the strategic goal of alignment for the common good. Taking into account our values of integrity, creativity, responsibility and confidence we began working with Business in the Community (BTIC).

Through this partnership, GCU London created a rolling work based shadowing programme for 14 – 16yr olds. The programme has been developed with the idea of having 4 meaningful points of engagement, incorporating inputs and participation from both GCU London professional services and academic colleagues.

In May/June 2015, 10 pupils from Eastbrook School participated in the 2 day professional Services shadowing programme, these same pupils returned to GCU London in May/June 2016 to complete the 2 day academic programme. A further 8 pupils from Eastbrook School attended the professional services shadowing programme in 2016, who will then return in 2017 to complete the academic programme.

The programme aims to show young people the diverse range of jobs that exist in the University environment as well as giving them the opportunity to engage with people from different backgrounds and experiences.

This year, several GCU London postgraduate students also participated in the programme, delivering a workshop session on personal branding.

Overall the shadowing experience has given GCU London staff and students the opportunity to participate directly in the Common Good, inspiring young people to think about their career aspirations and given insight into the opportunities that exist within the education sector.

All GCU London staff, including Professional Services and Academic colleagues, Student Union representative and 3 Masters students took part in this initiative.

10 pupils from Eastbrook School completed the 4 day programme in June 2016 who will also return for their second set of two days in May/June 2017. At this same time, a new group of pupils will commence the work based shadowing programme.

This Common Good initiative has brought and continues to bring benefit, to both the pupils of Eastbrook School, GCU London staff, Student Union and GCU London students, who can be rightly proud of the success of this programme.

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