Workshop on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Fashion, ACRA Conference, 2016, New York

Karinna Nobbs

Karinna Nobbs

Karinna Nobbs, Senior Lecturer in the British School of Fashion at GCU London was one of a small number of panellists who contributed to the Fashion Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop, which was held at GCU’s New York Campus. This extra curricular conference event was a pan-institutional initiative driven by Prof. Christopher Moore (Director of the British School of Fashion), Prof. Susan Fiorito (Florida State University) and Stephen Doyle (University of Manchester).

Opening the workshop, Chair and host, Stephen Doyle stated that, “This workshop provides us with an opportunity to examine some of the key influences and innovations shaping our industry, from sustaining manufacturing and manufacturing sustainability to the role and nature of digital as both channel and medium. With respect to digital, we are delighted to benefit from the insights of Karinna Nobbs of the British School of Fashion and also from the applied expertise of Brendan Lowry, Marketing Director of Curalate, one of the world’s fastest growing Visual Commerce Platforms.”

Members of the American Collegiate Retailers’ Association as well as delegates to the ACRA conference attended the event at which Karinna Nobbs explored the importance, nature and role of content within a fashion context. Brendan Lowry addressed the optimization of user-generated content. The theme of Professor Fiorito’s contribution was innovation and entrepreneurship in education while Stephen Doyle considered issues relating to sustainability from the combined perspective of fashion brands and manufacturers.

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