Feedback on Eastbrook Careers workshops

Eastbrook School

Eastbrook School

Sue ran three careers sessions for Eastbrook students in total. One careers session for year 10s, for which the students came here on site and two CV sessions at the school itself for year 9s. All of the sessions were an hour each.

The students really impressed Sue. The year 10s worked hard at generating ideas about career paths and the skills needed on a range of topics and produced really informative posters. They showed good awareness of lots of factors needed for career success and they worked well together in their teams – sharing information and responsibility and working through the tasks. Their energy and enthusiasm was infectious!

Sue was surprised by the CV sessions at Eastbrook School. She expected quite a bit of resistance from the students to what is, let’s face it, a pretty dull topic! However, they really got into the interactive way that the session was designed. It included them thinking about what they would look for in someone they recruited to run a hypothetical juice bar business. They came up with a huge range of ideas and questions in each session. Participation levels were high. Quite a few students had very little understanding about a CV when they started, compared to their understanding at the end of the session. As they’ll do work experience in year 10, having a CV will become more relevant to them, so hopefully we’ve laid some good foundations.

Above all it’s been a fun and interesting challenge for Sue to work with this age group and pleasure to work with all the students and the Eastbrook team.

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