Year 3 students visit GCU London

Canon Barnett Primary School students

Canon Barnett Primary School students

On Monday 20 June, students from Canon Barnett Primary School visited our campus as part of our Year 3 Digital Book Project.

Canon Barnett Primary School had worked with GCU London students and the GCU London Club earlier in the term to create a storybook about a chosen class topic. They have been working on stories in class and have created characters which relate to the chosen topic. They designed all the art themselves.

The project concluded on Monday with a book launch celebration, where students were shown the digital animated version of their book before being gifted their very own paper copy.

The year 3 students had created a book called “Molly and Cally’s Epic Habitat Adventure”. Adding to the ever successful ‘Molly and Cally Adventure Series’, the project enabled Year 3 pupils to further explore an area of their class topic or learning theme by researching, writing and illustrating their own book.

With the help of an author, artist, drama leader and a student mentor role model, pupils were able to express their creativity both individually and as a group to develop ideas for their story and the accompanying artwork. GCU Graphic Design students then converted their work into a book.

The GCU London Club is part of GCU’s Caledonian Club and works with school pupils and families in the community to raise educational aspirations and build key life skills and confidence in its members.

For further information about the GCU London club, visit the GCU London website.

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