Pre-sessional English student wins prize



Eunice, one of GCU London’s current pre-sessional English students, has won the pre-sessional English writing competition.

After some great entries, the team of judges agreed to award the prize of an Amazon Fire to Eunice on Thursday 11 August.

Eunice had written an essay on the positive attitudes towards same-sex marriage in the UK. She also talked about her experience of witnessing an LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) parade on Regent Street in London, shortly after arriving in the UK to begin her studies at GCU London. Eunice highlighted how other countries, including her own, could embrace the UK’s legislation on LGBT marriages and create equality.

Simon Smith, GCU London’s Student and Learning Services Manager, and one of the judges commented: “She’s written about a tricky subject and has managed to express herself really well. She has also made it very interesting to read, adding her own opinions and observations from her time in London.”

GCU London would like to congratulate Eunice on her award. We wish her the best of luck for the remainder of her pre-sessional English course and also for her future studies on the MSc International Fashion Marketing programme at GCU London.

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