Pre-Sessional students head to Windsor Castle

Group of pre-sessional English students

Group of pre-sessional English students

On Saturday 20 August, the GCU London pre-sessional English students took a trip to Windsor Castle. The visit was organised by the University, including a visit to the William Shakespeare Exhibition.

The visit was part of the pre-sessional English students experience in London prior to joining their Master’s degree in September and added to their classroom development.

Windsor Castle is the historic castle, famous for being one of the 3 official residences of the Queen and its long running association with the Royal Family. The Castle is the largest inhabited castle in the world and is also home to the Royal Library.

During their visit, students had the chance to visit an exhibition on William Shakespeare. Based in the Royal Library, the exhibition marked the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

Organiser Dan O’Gorman, Library and Information Services Assistant, said: “The trip offered a fun way for the students to learn about British history and also gave them a fantastic opportunity to practice their English.

“It was a great way for the group to spend a summery Saturday afternoon rounding off their pre-sessional course.”

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