Charity Fashion Catwalk – The Swatches

Charity Fashion Catwalk winners

Charity Fashion Catwalk winners

Written by Suthini Tanangsnakool

GCU London held its first ever Charity Fashion Catwalk on Thursday 23 February. Student group ‘The Swatches’ were the crowned winners on the evening.

Suthini Tanangsnakool was on the winning‘The Swatches’ group and told us about how her group formed the concept and her experience on the evening. She said:

“It was a great experience taking part in the fashion charity show. We planned our concept on the night before the show as one of our members, Stella, left for Thailand due to a family emergency. So we thought that our team wouldn’t make it with only 2 members left but Stella came back on the night before the show – we were determined to do it!”

“Our concept came from our team, named ‘The Swatches’, which refers to colour swatches. This idea appeared in every aesthetic we communicated through the styling, make up and the show.”

The Swatches winners sends messages

The Swatches winners sends messages

The Swatches winners commented:
“We created our own make up by selecting colours and making multi-colour swatches on our faces across eye level as a symbol of colour blindness. Also in our styling directions, we chose 3 groups of colours: warm tones, cool tones and dark tones.”

“At the end of the presentation, we wanted to send messages relating to our concept point and also reflect what is happening in the world of fashion runway. It has become these messages: ‘love is colour blind’, ‘love has no colour’ and ‘we are human colour’.”

“We didn’t expect to win but what we expected more was to send a message about colours as I used to organise a fashion show before when I was an undergraduate in Fashion design. I was also working as a colour trend analyst in Thailand before I came to GCU London. Stella also used to work in the fashion industry.”

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