Digital Marketing: How to Find and Get Customers Online

Mark Wright BBC’s The Apprentice 2014 Winner

Written by Martha Rodriguez

Martha Rodriguez and Mark Wright

Martha Rodriguez and Mark Wright

Martha is a GCU London student who recently attended a Digital Marketing seminar at QuickBooks Connect delivered by Mark Wright, the winner from the 2014 BBC Apprentice. In the first of our short series of marketing blogs she writes about what she learned about becoming a successful business.

Every business owner wants to attract more customers, convert prospects into sales, and get more referrals from customers; so attracting the right customers is important. Former winner of ‘The Apprentice’, Mark Wright shared his personal journey and guiding principles on creating a strategic plan for small businesses. Wright also shared his experience of winning ‘The Apprentice’ and how it opened up greater opportunities for him. He also discussed what it meant to have Lord Sugar as his mentor.

He emphasised that although he suffered from dyslexia at a very young age, he was always focused on ‘getting rich’ and identified that the only way this was going to happen, was by him having his own business.

Below are the key takeaways from the seminar:

Having worked with some of the ‘big brands’, helping to create their Digital Marketing strategies, Wright goes on to outline his top ‘Must Do’s’:

  • Goal-setting: very important to know where you want to go
  • Find a mentor: someone who shares the same vision as you
  • Education: earn more and learn more
  • Take risks: don’t get comfortable, live at the edge
  • Understand your target market: do the “Jab, jab, hook” – post and give things or information away for free before you ask the customers to engage in your products. e.g. do something funny or post about a topic that is trending and relevant
  • Use Facebook Ads: increases demand and profitability
  • Invest in content and layout: use videos as they are more effective and more popular than written content. Means you will be able to quickly engage with consumers (they have a short attention span), and as a result, gain higher organic posts and better engagement on Facebook
  • Always connect with your audience through emotion
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is key for capturing traffic: select your top key words (Google Adwords) and create a website that is very easy to understand and navigate
  • Paid Searches: 69% of people buy products straight from Google search and 96.4% of Google’s total revenue comes from digital and display paid advertisements.

“Identify your goals and only pay the SEO company once your business has achieved successful results…Marketing success is all about tracking cashflows.”

“Be a business that embraces tech change (e.g. uber, airbnb)… then go out and tell your story.”
Mark Wright, CEO Climb Online

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