Stress Awareness Day

Stella (Left) and Scarlett (Right)

Stella (Left) and Scarlett (Right)

On Wednesday 12 April, London’s Students’ Union held a Stress Awareness day, which was an opportunity for students to have a tension relieving massage or a tailor made smoothie.
This proved to be a really popular event with lots of students attending with the help of a student volunteer.


The student who volunteered for this event talks about her experience below.

Volunteer – Stella

Why did you get involved?

I saw the event advertised when I received an email as part of the students’ association and knew I wanted to help out. I was interested, of course, as a fan of smoothies.

How did you find it, making the variety of smoothies?

I enjoyed the challenge; it unquestionably was a learning experience finding out other’s recipes. The students came up with lots of different combinations, so I just gave everything a go.

What about the responsibility?

Pretty good, I enjoyed the responsibility; making smoothies for other students made them happy and that made me happy! I’m really pleased I got involved.
When talking to our students who attended the lunch time event, it was great to hear that they really enjoyed themselves and wanted more events just like this to help combat the stress that exams bring.

Smoothie drinker – Racheal

Great event. A nice little break from the stress of all the assignments. Doing something fun like making a smoothie is a creative idea.

Massage – Smoothie drinker – Steve

It was good; the massage therapist was great. I had been having a bit of back pain, so she was great in relieving that pain. The smoothie was great, was a good event, and it would be great if it could be continued into the next trimester.

Smoothie drinker – Bob

Yummy, healthy and chilled.

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