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Students from GCU London got involved in trying to win the University Challenge cup while competing against two other universities: Coventry University London and Newcastle University London.

This year the competition was held at Newcastle University London, with 6 students from each campus competing. The students who participated from Glasgow Caledonian University London were Phattaranan (Stella) Ruamchai, Jennifer Dierdorf, Ana Silva, Suthini Tanangsnakool and Rachel Dune.

This was a great opportunity for all the universities to cross-network and get to know one another. The questions were a variety of topics: general knowledge, travel, food, history and film. There was an outstanding effort put in by our GCU London team, winning us second place, with Newcastle being this year’s winners.

When talking to two of our contestants after the event they really raved about it and are looking forward to getting involved next year.

Why did you get involved with the university challenge?

Stella – when I saw the event advertised, I was like let’s go!

What did you think of the event?

Rachel – it was really fun, the questions were good, some people knew the answers, some people didn’t know. There was a great mix of easy and hard, which I really enjoyed.

How did you find it competing against the other universities?

Rachel – it was fun to meet and compete against each other, but to also get to know them afterwards and meet other students.

Stella – I really enjoyed myself but I did find the questions difficult — ‘British style’. There were a very limited amount of questions for international students, but I was able to answer the questions on travel. Was a new experience for me, was really fun and I’m glad I got involved.

Next year

Both students are keen to get involved again next year.

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