Professor Antony Morgan, Dean of GCU London speaks at Public Health England Annual Conference

On Wednesday 13th September, GCU London’s Dean and Professor in Public Health, Antony Morgan  was invited as a keynote speaker to the acclaimed Public Health England (PHE) Annual Conference held at Warwick University.

The opening keynote address was given by Steve Brine MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Public Health and Primary Care. This year the conference centred on three key themes; promoting world-class science and evidence, making the economic case for prevention, and working towards a healthier, fairer society. With over 1500 professionals in attendance, attendees shared, discussed and learned new ideas on how to improve public health.

Professor Morgan’s talk focused on how a healthier population is achieved with less health inequalities through ‘asset-based’ working; with the notion that public health could be improved if more emphasis is placed on creating the right conditions for health. Professor Morgan reflected on the interests and developments of the asset-based method from the last ten years, and how the approach can be sustained in the modern day public health systems.

After attending the conference Professor Morgan commented:

“It was great to be at the Public Health England Conference 2017 to meet up with old colleagues and new. Importantly, it provided an opportunity to promote more salutogenic thinking in public health debates. ‘Salutogenesis’, a term coined by the American Israeli sociologist, Aaron Antonovsky, helps us refocus public health efforts into health generation rather than solely on disease prevention.  An asset-based approach provides a set of tools and techniques to help us implement the idea. It is underpinned by the principles of community voice, social connectedness and positivity. It helps individuals and communities within and between different countries to keep well for as long as possible across the life-course.

Be optimistic, stay connected, keep healthy and do well for yourself and others.”

Feedback from colleagues of Public Health England and Public Health (Nottinghamshire County Council) described Professor Morgan’s presentation as ‘very inspiring’, whilst the ‘expertise’ in the session will ‘help raise the profile’ of the asset-based approach.

To find out more about Professor Morgan’s talk click here.

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