GCU London Representative Election Results

The GCU London Representative election has now come to an end. The role of the GCU London Representative exists to represent the views of all students at GCU London. The Representative will work with the Full Time Officers based in Glasgow to improve the overall student experience at GCU London.

GCU London students were able to nominate themselves giving them the opportunity to be at the forefront of campaigning and representing student voices. The nominations closed on Thursday 5th October. Three students were nominated for the London Representative role; Steve Okorie (MSc International Management and Business Development), Phattaranan (Stella) Ruamchai (MSc International Fashion Marketing) and Corban Smith (MSc International Management and Business Development), all with interesting and innovative reasons on why they should be our winner.

The nominees were tasked with the opportunity to win students over with their manifestos, individual candidate videos and the Elections Debate in which they went head to head in answering questions on why they should be the next GCU London Representative. Students were able to vote from Monday 9th until Thursday 12th October, with a total of 45 students casting their votes.

Scarlett Hooper (Students’ Association Coordinator) had the pleasure of announcing the winner of the London Representative, Steve Okorie (who had already started working on their pledges to improve the student experience on campus)!

Upon receiving the good news, Steve Okorie commented:

“A big thank you to every one of you who participated in the voting, especially those of you who voted for me of course. Again, my appreciation goes to the other candidates whom I shall be working with as well for a competitive and fair campaign.

The election is over and the real work begins now. We can only achieve success if we all come together to work as a team. I would really appreciate any suggestions from you all to make this work. If you ever have any complaints or ideas please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, I won’t bite. We can only bring solutions to whatever problems we are facing if you speak out about it.

Cheers to a most successful year ahead.”

Steve Okorie’s manifesto


Well done Steve!

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