English Language Support at GCU London

By Fiona Aish (Director at Target English and English Tutor at GCU London)

The GCU London support for English language is provided by Target English, a small team that provides course materials, tests and language support services to institutions in the UK. You might have seen Fiona Aish and Jo Tomlinson of Target English at the GCU London campus.

Fiona Aish and Jo Tomlinson of Target English

Target English deliver the workshops at the start of the trimesters. These workshops cover academic language and style, as well as introducing what kinds of things are expected from students in lectures and seminars. Both Jo and Fiona are trained English language teachers who have worked in many private language schools and universities helping students to improve their English language skills. The workshops are open to all students, and while students who don’t speak English as their first language get the most out of these workshops, there have been many first language English speakers who have also found them valuable. The workshops are advertised within GCU London, so look out for information on when the next sessions are.

Target English also provide one to one tutorials to students during their courses at GCU – and separate tutorials for students doing their dissertation. Once students attend one session, they tend to come for more. One of the most essential parts of Target English’s job is to simplify requirements for students. So, if you’re not sure what your assignment is about, that’s where Target English can help. Also, many students come because they are not sure of their grammar or whether the style of their work is academic enough. Target English are here to help you with this.

Fiona explains:

“There can be a range of reasons why people come to us, and we’ll always do whatever we can do help students. Sometimes we can help them in the tutorial sessions, but if we can’t, we try to direct them to the person at GCU that can help them. Many students find moving and studying in a new country quite a bewildering experience. Both Jo and I have been through the same experience, and we bring this to every tutorial. Students feel more supported and confident when they know that they have can get help with their English.”

Students can book a tutorial session by signing up at the library desk. Each sessions lasts for 30 minutes and it’s really a chance for students to talk about any worries they have with studying in a different language, but come prepared! Have questions or bring work in and we can discuss it together. We look forward to seeing you at a tutorial or workshop in the near future!

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