Summer Graduation at GCU London

By Scarlett Hooper (Students’ Association Coordinator)

GCU London holds an annual Graduation Ceremony during the Winter. On the 4th of January it was announced to students by the Registry that a special Summer Graduation will be returning to London:

“Following feedback, it has been decided to hold another special on-campus ceremony on Friday 6th July 2018.  This will be for students who will have completed their studies and been awarded by the end of Trimester B 2017/18.”

This was fought for by GCU London’s Representative Steve Okorie and the Students’ Association President, Kevin Campbell.  Both worked with the University, raising the issue students were facing due to the Summer Graduation no longer taking place at the London campus.

Steve Okorie (MSc International Management and Business Development) comments:

“‘Hooray! The Summer Graduation is back! Congrats to all those graduating then – just one more semester to go! I wish you the very best with your dissertation.  Put in your best efforts so that at the end you’ll be glad you did all you could. It is important that you start now to make adequate preparations for the ceremony with the proposed date. If you have any inquiries please let us know. Godspeed!”

What a delight to start 2018 with!

Please note this does not have any effect on the Winter Graduation Ceremony.

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