Disneyrollergirl delivers Blogging Masterclass to BSoF students

By Sarwat Murtaza (MSc Business Fashion Creation)

The British School of Fashion students are really excited at the fact that they get to learn about major topics within the fashion industry directly from renowned speakers coming to GCU London every week during  Skills Month (a series of thirteen workshops run by industry experts to help students enhance their skills and knowledge in key areas required within the fashion and luxury business sector).

It was a blast having Navas Batliwalla aka Disneyrollergirl on campus last week on Monday 5th March. She discussed her story in both fashion blogging and Instagram and how it has evolved over time.

Navas first introduced herself and told us about her early beginnings. In 2007, whilst working at a fashion magazine, she started writing an anonymous blog about her views on the latest fashion news and happenings. As time went by, she became a fashion blogger, and has since collaborated with famous and influential  fashion companies and brands. She has also written a book named ‘The New Garconne – How to be a Modern Gentlewoman.’

In this blog, I will be sharing the main takeaways of what I have learnt and the key points about writing a successful blog and developing an Instagram profile that I’d love to pass to my readers aswell!

Navas Batliwalla aka Disneyrollergirl speaks to our British School of Fashion students about how to create a successful blog


Who will be your audience: When you start making your presence on social media in terms of Instagram or blog, you need to think of your audience and niche first. Its better to brainstorm ideas on what content will be posted on the blog and who will be the main readers. Sharing a common interest with your followers will ensure that they engage with you as your posts will be particularly interesting to them.

How to scale: Once you start writing and posting content on social media, there is always a slow and steady growth of readers that can be seen. However, to scale more quickly, Navas suggested to start building your network by growing your social media. This can also be done by going to or hosting events, meeting new people, sharing ideas online and offline, write a book,  or start a product line.

Brand collaborations: Once brands and companies see that you are active on social media, they will approach you. You can also approach brands as well if you have any striking ideas that are suitable for collaboration that goes with the brand’s aesthetics. This could also be a collaboration in the format of films, blog posts, workshops etc; enhancing your portfolio and increasing public visibility.

Brand values: Brand values are as important as other factors are. Make sure your content is relevant to your audience, and that it is authentic and provides the content that they are looking for. Stick to your brand values. Sometimes too many collaborations or paid content can unbalance your relationship with your audience.

At the end, students had the opportunity to take part in a panel discussion to share opinions and ideas on what they have learnt throughout the session which was live streamed on Instagram.

Overall the Blogging Masterclass by Disneyrollergirl was an engaging and lively session and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I will certainly be using the tips and advice given!

Students couldn’t miss the chance for a selfie with Navas!

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