GCU London Research Day

By Sunita Malhi (GCU London Research Administrator)

GCU London celebrated our Research Day on Thursday, 21st June 2018.The event started off with some light refreshment before the PhD Mini-Conference, followed by lunch and a Research Seminar with Dr Anke Jakobs (Kingston University) for an enjoyable afternoon of presentations, discussion and networking.

The attendees; both researchers and non-researchers alike enjoyed discovering the level, depth and impact on society our London PhD researchers aim to achieve through their respective PhDs. The opportunity presented an experience of presenting research topics to a wide range of audiences as was the aim, as well as practical discussions and queries on methodology and analysis choices, as well as research experience.

Following the PhD Mini Conference, the Research Day concluded with guest speaker Dr Anke Jakob for the GCU London Research Seminar. Dr Jakob is a Lecturer and Research Fellow in the Design School at the Kingston School of Art. The research seminar consisted on an insightful presentation on funding for her research on sensory enhanced environments, followed by a knowledge exchange session.

Overall the event on the GCU London campus was an engaging experience with an amazingly supportive environment! Thank you to everyone who participated in making this event happen; it could not have been done without you.

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