Public Health Expert and Visiting Professor Dr Erio Ziglio delivers two day Skills Development Workshop at GCU London

Dr Erio Ziglio with GCU London Dean Professor Antony Morgan, Principal Professor Pamela Gillies and GCU London Public Health students.


On 30th-31st October 2018, Dr Erio Ziglio, Visiting Professor at Glasgow Caledonian University delivered a set of ‘Special Hands-on and Skills Development Workshops’ to our Public Health students.

Dr Ziglio is internationally renowned on the world stage of Public Health and has worked for the World Health Organisation for over 20 years with the position of Head of the WHO European Office for Investment for Health & Development in Italy between 2001 and 2014. Last year, we were delighted to appoint Dr Ziglio as a Visiting Professor in Public Health.

The first workshop ‘Improving Skills and Know-how to Make Change Happen’ aimed to help students gain an in-depth knowledge about the issues of promoting population health and wellbeing; reducing health inequities and repositioning health within social and economic development via student’s active participation through simulation and exercises.

The following workshop ‘Leadership and Personal Development: Pushing the Boundaries of Learning and Practice and Managing’ allowed our students to understand how to be an effective leader in both the academic and research world inspired by GCU’s Common Good through Dr Ziglio’s tools and insights to improve effectiveness in performing in diverse decision-making situations.

On the workshop, Public Health student Haniya Tukur comments:

“The highlight of the workshop was about leadership and personal development skills. I learnt new ideas and approaches to develop myself in order to be more effective and efficient at work.  I also acquired adequate information that I can use to develop and improve my leadership and management skills.

“Dr. Ziglio’s workshop was very educative and interactive. He has a lovely personality with loads of expertise. It is a wonderful experience to have been exposed to a renowned Public Health expert and I look forward to meeting him again in 2019.”


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