The Common Good Fashion Show: A Student Model’s Perspective

By Ibtissam Hannini (Master of Business Administration)

Ibtissam Hannini by Nishanth Desingh (MBA)


The annual Common Good Fashion Show 2019 was one of the most exciting things that happened to me during my experience at GCU London. I had the chance to organise the event and I couldn’t have done it without the help of Eva Suomi, Scarlett Hooper and my colleagues from the GCU Fashion society.

I had been setting meetings for rehearsals and taking photos for all the models participating on the catwalk. On the day before the event, we were honoured to welcome Supermodel and Fashion-Insider and GCU alumna Eunice Olumide MBE, who helped us with the rehearsals and gave us some good feedback for the catwalk. In that moment, when I was looking at every group rehearsing and getting ready to compete for the Best Group, I was sure that the event will run smoothly.

It is rather amusing that all of us, in various disciplines with different goals, were tied together by one common factor: to make the fashion show a success. We even had the chance to invite one of the lecturers, Dr Dina Khalifa (MSc Luxury Brand Marketing Programme Leader), as a model on the catwalk – she was perfectly stunning!

Student Model on the catwalk by Nishanth Desingh (MBA)


The Common Good Fashion Show included three competitions:

  • The Reworked White Shirts designed by Absence of Paper where students were called to take one shirt and redesign it for the catwalk.
  • Best Group: where the four groups on the catwalk with different themes will compete with each other.
  • Best Female and Male Red Carpet Look, which involved all of participants on the catwalk.

Student Models on the catwalk by Nishanth Desingh (MBA)


On the day of the show, the room was packed with an eager audience and behind the scenes everyone was very excited. After a few minutes the show started and as much I was stressed and wanted everything to go so well, I tried to keep everyone calm and organised.

At the end of the show, I was lucky to win the Best Female Red Carpet Look. As a member of the Common Good Society and Organiser of the Common Good Fashion Show, I want to thank our guests and judges: Fionnuala Shannon and Maria Luisa Villaca from Dress for Success, Sharon Benning-Prince, International Advocate from International Justice Mission UK and Thomas Peschken, Director from the British School of Management.

A special thank you also to Dina, Karishma, Shaunessa, Arunima and all the models.

Group shot of Student Models

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