Who’s who?

Just in case you can’t remember who we are, I have posted a photo that should remind you.

From Left to right we have the fabulous Catherine Canning (MSc Programme Leader), who is our guardian angel and is always around to remind us how lucky we are in life;Dr Noreen Siddiqui (E-Marketing Module Leader) who really wants to be Dr Who’s next assistant so that she can travel in  time and space and Dr Julie McColl (MSc International Fashion Marketing Programme Leader) our Three Friends blonde bombshell who likes nothing more than knitting a scarf and hat set whilst having coffee and eating chocolate! We all hope you have a good time with your studies at GCU Glasgow and in London.

I will post more details of staff so watch out for them  Feel free to let us know what you think of the programmes, our teaching and learning strategies or anything other feeling you have whilst studying here. If you wish to leave a comment click on ‘no comments’ below.

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