Prestigious Placement in Saudia with Dathan

DATHAN ALOTAIBI had a very rewarding and enjoyable work placement in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as part of his MSc Marketing programme.

“ I enjoyed my work placement very much and was able to put the theory learned in class into practice in the marketing department of the Capital Market Authority. The authority is responsible for regulation of capital markets in the financial sector of Saudi Arabia. I worked for the Head of Media, Investor Awareness and Marketing. Besides routine office work I was assigned two major responsibilities to plan and present the flow charts for events management and learned a great deal about the marketing procedures in the Capital Market Authority. I hope to be offered a job there when I finish my degree” Dathan Alotaibi

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  1. Khaled says:

    Hi Dathan,

    I am too glad to heard that about you and hope for u to finish your master then find a good jop there.

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