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Yi Qi

Introducing one of the new MSc Marketing students Yi Qi from China.  Here is what she says about MSc Marketing so far:

“After 4 weeks of beginners’ enthusiasm and 4 weeks of hard work, the idea of me becoming an MSc student is finally landing on me. With more and harder work compared with undergraduate study and my graduate diploma, more effort needs to be put in and the lecturers are always expecting a higher standard. So far we have 3 exams on the way along with one individual report and one group report to be completed.

Sounds tough? Yes, it is. But along with the hard work, I am also learning more. With the high speed of the task marching on, everyone is driven to do their best to keep up. The majority of students in the class don’t hold a first degree in Marketing or Finance, so it could be difficult to dive in the area at first. As the old saying goes, the beginning is always the hardest part. I am sure as time goes by, things will become better and better.

Along with the intensive course work and lectures, we managed to have a few socials as well. It’s a good opportunity to meet students from other classes, or even our own classmates, as well as the lecturers. It’s always good to know the people you work and study with, so there will be better communication when we know each other well.

In general, it is an intensive and interesting first month, and I am looking forward to new challenges.”

Yi Qi is also a keen blogger and photographer and has offered to enrole some more students who would like to get involved in our Blog. Interested ? Please let Yi Qi know- she will be emailing you soon. WONDERFUL to hear from Yi Qi and look forward to hearing from others very soon.   Here are a few snaps of the MSc Marketing students, please send us some others from International Fashion Marketing from Glasgow and London? Would also be great to hear from MBA Luxury London?




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