Professor of HIV and Sexual Health provides expert opinion on COVID-19

​Claudia Estcourt, Clinical Professor of HIV and Sexual Health here at GCU, recently also took up the post as joint Clinical Lead of NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Sexual Health Services at the Sandyford Clinic. During the Covid-19 crisis, Professor Estcourt has made several important contributions, such as in published advice for ensuring access to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for people at high risk of HIV.

Professor Estcourt is providing expert opinion to the Scottish Parliament, Public Health England and HM Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor on National Security on contact tracing for Covid-19. This has resulted from her renowned expertise, as exemplified in her current National Institute for Health Research Programme Grant for Applied Research (LUSTRUM,, on preventing transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) through more effective contact tracing and management.

There are many parallels between the process for STIs and Covid-19. For example, Professor Estcourt’s current research includes programmes on 1) self-managed, digital healthcare, focussing on development and evaluation of complex online clinical care pathways, and 2) preventing transmission of STIs and reducing undiagnosed HIV by increasing effectiveness of partner notification strategies, developing tailored interventions for those at highest risk (

Professor Estcourt has also written in The Telegraph about the important issue of having sex during the pandemic.

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