Dr Kirsteen Goodman awarded UK Continence Society’s best abstract prize

​Dr Kirsteen Goodman has been recognised by the UK Continence Society for presenting the best abstract at its annual conference.

Dr Goodman, of the School of Health and Life Sciences’ Aging Well Research Group and Trial Manager in the Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professions Research Unit, achieved the highest score – full marks infact – of the 100 abstracts presented last week. She presented ‘Use of Pessaries for Prolapse: Demographics of Women Participating in the UK TOPSY Trial’.

Professor Suzanne Hagan said: “As co-chief investigator of the research, I am very proud that Kirsteen and the team have been able to successfully deliver this trial, despite the challenges of COVID-19, and have given this excellent presentation on the first data emerging from it.”

Dr Goodman said: “It was great to present virtually to the UKCS on the important demographic data of women who are using a pessary to manage their prolapse as part of the TOPSY study. I was delighted to win the top-scoring abstract prize on behalf of the wider TOPSY team.”​

Dr Goodman was presenting the first data issued by the National Institure for Health Research-funded TOPSY trial, which is led by GCU. More than 300 women using a pessary for pelvic organ prolapse were randomised to either self-manage or have their pessary managed in clinic.

They are being followed for 18 months to compare quality of life between the two groups. Kirsteen presented the demographics and other characteristics of the women participating to the UKCS audience at their annual scientific meeting, which attracted 250 delegates from across the UK and as far afield as Bahrain, Greece, India, Russia and Switzerland. Kirsteen is pictured at the virtual conference, at the bottom of the screen, with Professor Hagan and meeting chair Dr Karen Guerrero.

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