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GCU Chancellor Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and pioneer of microfinance

GCU’s Chancellor Yunus Scholarship is now open for applications, enabling students from across the globe to study a unique Masters programme in Social Business and Microfinance. This ground-breaking course, the first of its kind across the world, examines contemporary issues in business and society; drawing in the concept social entrepreneurship and examining the growing global microfinance sector. The Chancellor Yunus Scholarship, named for Nobel laureate GCU’s Chancellor Muhammad Yunus, a pioneer in the fields of microcredit and microfinance, was established to support both domestic and international students to come to GCU and study on this innovative Masters course.

Emma Harris, current Chancellor Yunus Scholar and member of the inaugural MSc Social Business & Microfinance class highlights how important the Scholarship has been to her:

“It was a big help…without the scholarship it probably wouldn’t have been realistic for me to study in Glasgow.”

It was a fortuitous tweet by Chancellor Yunus, detailing the launch of the scholarship programme last year that led Emma to GCU. After investigating the programme she felt that it would be a good fit with her background in business, experience working in the microfinance sector and her desire to make a difference through social business.

With students from South Africa, Canada, Italy, Nigeria, Portugal and the UK; it is perhaps the diversity of students across the MSc in Social Business and Microfinance that gives the course its strength. The niche nature of the programme has encouraged a small, close-knit group of students. Emma highlights this as one of the benefits to studying at GCU: “I really enjoy the smallness of my programme because I’ve gotten to know everybody…and the diverse nationalities [across the programme] make for interesting debate.”

When asked about the future, Emma was clear about her own goals: “I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I’ve applied for funding to start my own business…the results [of this] I still haven’t heard.” The Masters programme, she goes on to highlight, has been an excellent stepping stone for her:  “the content, especially of the core courses, is very very interesting and it’s going to help me pursue my future goals.”

What is Emma’s advice to future applicants of the Chancellor Yunus Scholarship? To keep an open mind and enjoy the diversity of learning that the Masters in Social Business and Microfinance provides.

Applications close on the 29th May. For more information regarding the Chancellor Yunus Scholarship and how to apply follow this link:

To find out more about GCU’s MSC in Social Business & Microfinance click here.


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