Inaugural Professorial Lecture: Prof Simone Baglioni

‘Voices from the bright side of Europe: Transnational mobilisation against xenophobia, populism and racism’

Date: Wed 17th May

Time: 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Location: Deeprose Lecture Theatre, Glasgow Caledonian University

In his lecture, Professor Baglioni will focus on transnational solidarity, discussing how citizens across Europe come together to counter the social and political claims of xenophobic and populist politicians and movements.

Professor Baglioni is a political scientist conducting cross-European comparative research on the collective action of citizens and civil society to challenge issues relating to unemployment, migration and disability. In light of a rise in xenophobic movements and their impact on European politics, Professor Baglioni will take the opportunity to focus on the mobilisation of citizens against this reactionary wave. Through the lens of relevant cases, Professor Baglioni will examine how citizens are collaborating across borders in the name of solidarity with those facing worsening circumstances and diverse challenges as a way to counter rising populism and xenophobia. The lecture will be of interest to those who wish to find out more about citizen engagement across Europe to strengthen solidarity among peoples and countries; and, in doing so, to energise opposition to populist and xenophobic social and political trends.

Educated in Italy, France and Switzerland, and with a professional career in institutions in Florence, Geneva, Lausanne, Milan and Neuchâtel, Professor Baglioni joined GCU in 2010. Since then, he has lectured in politics and has led teams across several prominent European grant-funded projects, including the very first FP7 grant awarded to a social sciences scholar at GCU (the Efeseiis project, 2013-2016).

In addition to its academic impact, Professor Baglioni’s work has contributed towards shaping public debates and policies. He has provided local governments, the United Nations and the European Union with consultation on issues of youth employment, asylum, and social and economic cohesion. He was part of the EU cluster of experts which formulated the youth unemployment policy review for the European Commission and co-authored the reference report to inform the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees convention, as well as the working group aimed at revising the 1951 Geneva Convention on asylum and refugee rights.

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