AIML test bot – Colin the virtual patient

A little sampler video sequence to show our work on connecting “Second Life” avatar-patient-bots with specially written AIML [artificial intelligence markup language] and speech synthesis software.
Hopefully we’ll add speech recognition too 😉 This project is being used with Nurse Practitioner students. However it could be used for a number of healthcare professionals. Please feel free to add a comment.

There’s more info below, see the post on   Sep 16 2009 “Taking a patient history from a virtual patient”

12 thoughts on “AIML test bot – Colin the virtual patient

  1. Excellent use of bot technology! I’ll feature this in my blog.

    As you add more features to this patient, it could be a fantastic tool for training medical professionals. How they ask questions of patients can save lives.

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  3. Thanks Iggy, for your comments and adding us to your blog.

    This bot is used for Nurse Practitioners at the moment but it could also be used for medical students and other healthcare professionals.

    Regards Evelyn

  4. This is really cutting edge stuff. Well done. I have aspergers syndrome and it is strange to me that autism and aspergers syndrome are diagnosed and explored more often than not through, spoken language (which is very hard to concentrate on when the rest of the environment to shouting at you). One doctor told me it was a bit like watching eastenders and trying to figure out how a tv works.

    Communication is an interactive process and not just verbal. Alot of help given to Autistic people seem to me, unable to understand and address the sensory aspects of autism in a normal envirorment. If it were possible to explain to people how we see and interact with our surroundings, communication with autistic people would become easier.

    (Its all about the senses stupid)

    Second Life with Autism –

    Secondlife may allow for this to happen !!! Its an environment where you can turn down the senses and control the environment.

    In My Language –

    Autistic Girl Expresses Profound Intelligence ––75v4lI8.

    I seem like a normal person when you speak to me and don’t behave like the people in these videos. However I see the world like the people in these videos and find that the doctors and health people look in a dictionary and tell me what I’m like and what I have difficulties with. Without asking me. Most of what they say is wrong!!

    Understanding your patient is very important and learning how to communicate well with them is important training. 😀

    Kristen Cherrie

  5. Hi Kristen,

    Thanks for showing your support for our work and giving an insite to life with aspergers syndrome.

    Kali and all the team at GCU

  6. Have you made any progress with speech recognition yet? I am trying to find a way to implement that feature on a grid wide basis for users who don’t use voice, and to facilitate language translation.

  7. Hi Myron,

    We are working on this over the summer. If you want to chat with the technician who has brilliantly manage to integrate this, please IM AndyW Blackburn in-world.

    regards Evelyn

  8. Hello!

    I work with medical students, and I’m very interested in using this technology to help them learn to manage patients with chronic illnesses over time. How would you suggest that I go about finding out how to use AIML in this way? I’m a bit of a newbie in SL and clearly need a lot of direction!

    Thank you!


  9. Hi Merideth
    I will email you and we can maybe have a chat over email or join me in Sl.
    regards Evelyn/Kali

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