“Welcome to Scotland”

Prior to the “welcome” context, I am sure to make a quick introduction to myself.

ជំរាបសួរ – Chum Reap Sour – Hello, greetings from a Cambodian National. I am Rosanich (or Rose, Rosie, anything you’d like to call), a passionate, persevere, and creative individual. Before coming to Glasgow, I have lived in England for a year and done my masters (MSc International Marketing Management).

In the wake of the phenomenal period of studies, travel, and other life challenges thrown at me, it was time I explored professional opportunities. My goal was to spend the last few months in the U.K. to really understand how things work here in such distinctive environment from Cambodia. By and large, I intended to understand the perspective of the western side of the world towards not only marketing, business, projects, and management but also professionalism as a whole. I had then heard of European funded projects being conducted in Southeast Asia, including Cambodia, on social innovation. That was the initial interest captured. Steve, my mentor, introduced me to this and has marked a change in my path since. On a “British” sunny day, I woke up to see the text “Welcome to Scotland”, where I knew I was accepted and went on to have the first good talk with Mark, Director of The Europe Office at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Scotland has always been in my bucket list, and I thought of nothing but a visit. To have been able to come here and expand my professional skills was what I did not see coming. So I packed up (it was a huge challenge searching for work, moving house, and getting my dissertation done all at once) and got ready to leave the land of England and managed to conclude many sections of my to-experience list, along with so many guesses, expectations, and exciting ideas.

And that’s where my journey began!

~ Rosanich Sou

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