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Update: Enhance Project, one of the many projects conducted by The Europe Office in GCU with international partners, was successfully introduced to six Vietnamese universities after it was, as aforementioned in the previous article, developed into virtual and interactive courses on different online platforms that were linked into one channel of learning along with official guide, grading, and certificates.


Southeast Asian Social Innovation Network

Meanwhile, SEASIN project, promoting social innovation in pursuit of socio-economic growth and social equity, is in the development process in Southeast Asian countries. Steve, my mentor and representative of our partner university in Cambodia (National University of Management), and I have been working together on the creative side of the project — to be specific, the appearance and influence of the Social Innovation Support Unit (SISU) in NUM, Cambodia. While the development of “Social Innovation Lab”, Cambodia SISU, has been well underway, I have been working on its graphic designs and marketing tactics and implementation. Having an opportunity to be engaged in this project definitely stretched my ability and apprehension to a new level.

Social Innovation Lab is set to have a soft launch on November 16, 2017 with The Europe Office team at the venue. This support unit aims to enable students and entrepreneurs to build up on their innovative ideas with provided access to incubation space, advanced equipment, reading materials, and relevant presentations or seminars — which I sincerely believe will bring about movement and innovation to the community in the long run.


Official launch of 30 years’ anniversary: from Erasmus to Erasmus+

“In 30 years an estimated 9 million people will have taken part, 600,000 of them from the UK.” (Erasmus+, 2017)

The auspicious event was organized by Glasgow Caledonian University and The University of Edinburgh in The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh. Attending the event as part of the organizing team was absolutely thrilling. Speeches and sharing about Erasmus, its missions, and its contributions were spiced up by the string quartet and the photo competition. Wine, ham, and the “wee” cupcakes were served, whereas the cake cutting ceremony was as well a wonderful moment.

“Mobility is a lifestyle.” (Daniel Berlinski, 2017)

(Source: Edinburgh247)

~ Rosanich Sou


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