Finishing Up: Bits and Pieces

A Recap

The last bits and pieces of work were challenging but absolutely entertaining. Website review and improvement is somehow the highlight of this month. The Europe Office and SEASIN websites have been well categorized and navigated for audiences, yet there is always further area of improvements. Fruitful discussions were made on how the appearance and rearrangement of the websites to provide better search and content for users. Liaise with partners were made to ensure that improvements were considered and made.

The Europe Office monthly newsletter will bear a new fresh look starting December or beginning 2018. The new design embeds the blue and grey coloring in a form of a folded page with the GCU and EU logos that makes up the header of the following informative and useful content. Communication channel and dissemination method will also be changed. Besides putting them up on different platforms, the main hub of the information concentrates on the blog which links to the website while channels on social media and emails would be the catalyst of communication process and leading viewers to the source of information for learning and informing purposes.

Little Glimpse of Scotland

A few months were such a “wee” bit of time to explore while on duty. Nonetheless, the beauty of Scotland couldn’t be more obvious. A little adventure into Isle of Skye and another to Inverness and Lochness, I captured breathtaking photos of the timelessly beautiful Scotland.

The Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland

The views were breathtaking, and since Autumn came to an end the mountains were snow-capped.

It was called “The Man of Storr” as the figure looks like a face of a man from the sideway lying face-up.

There was no “nessie” in Lochness then but people wrote “Believe in Nessie”.

I was peacing out with the monster.”

There is something about this country that you come and take away with those great memories and unforgettable images. It has a particular sense that whenever you see certain things, the thoughts of Scotland came up. Personally it is one of the most beautiful sceneries I have seen apart from the exotic Cambodia that I was born in.


It was an absolute pleasure to have been here and able to work with a group of energetic, kind, and motivating people. We are from different backgrounds yet the support we had for one another were great and I appreciate both cheerful and challenging moments in our work period. In December, Points of Pride were celebrated in GCU, and our nominated team attended, and it was the brief moment of us appreciating one another for our hard work and contributions to the team, the projects, and the school as a whole. Champagne and canopies, teamwork and achievements, returning to Cambodia will be a difficult goodbye; those should be photographic in my head, and I would not give a second thought to agree to have this experience again.

December 07, 2017: a hard farewell.

~ Rosanich Sou

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