WORKERS: 11 stories from the European job market

WORKERS is an interactive documentary focusing on the integration of refugees and migrant workers in the European job market. The documentary contains two series of short stories in virtual dialogue with each other. The first series focuses on the challenges faced by migrants, asylum seekers and refugees as they look for a job, undertake a job interview, exploit networks to find a job and indeed start work. The second series looks at the concerns of natives – about migrants taking their jobs, people who speak a foreign language, who have unusual requests about food, religious practices, ways of dressing, as well as addressing stereotypes and learning to live together, including the concerns of employers about the honesty or reliability of migrant workers. The SIRIUS project’s aim with these interactive film essays is to provide audio-visual representations to supplement quantitative and qualitative analysis of the labour market integration process.

You can watch the interactive documentary here.

Filmmaker: Alberto Bougleux

Béatrice Alain delivers the 2019 John Pearce Memorial Lecture

GCU celebrated the history of social enterprise and the future of the sector at the John Pearce Memorial Lecture.

Béatrice Alain, Executive Director of the Chantier de l’économie sociale, in Quebec, delivered the 2019 keynote address in honour of one of the most influential figures in community enterprise in the UK.

This year’s event also featured the exhibition, A History of Social Enterprise in Scotland, which is part of a Scottish Government funded project to develop the Social Enterprise Collection (Scotland) at GCU.

The touring exhibition provides an introduction to the history and showcases the images and documents held within the archives.

Professor Cam Donaldson, Pro Vice-Chancellor Research at GCU, said: “Béatrice Alain is a major leader of thought and action with respect to the development of the social economy, both in Quebec and internationally.

“It was an honour to host Béatrice, and, in particular, hear her views on how to advance this hugely important sector of society.”

John Pearce, who passed away in 2011 aged 69, is viewed as a pioneer of community enterprise. The University houses an extensive archive of his work.

Global social innovation leaders attend ISIRC 2019

Glasgow Caledonian University is hosting one of the world’s biggest conferences on social innovation.

Around 300 delegates from 34 different countries are attending the 11th International Social Innovation Research Conference.

Hosted by the Yunus Centre at GCU, in conjunction with the universities of Oxford, York, and Swinburne, with the support of the Scottish Government, ISIRC 2019 attracted a record number of submissions from all over the world.

The conference, which runs for three days, coincides with Social Enterprise Week and features keynote speeches from social innovation leaders, including Professor Jürgen Howaldt, of Dortmund University, Dr Helen Haugh, of the University of Cambridge, and GCU’s Professor Simon Teasdale.

Professor Pamela Gillies, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of GCU, said: “Hosting ISIRC 2019 further confirms Glasgow Caledonian University’s position as a global leader of social innovation.

“As the University for the Common Good, we strive to empower individuals and groups to make a lasting difference to people’s lives through our pioneering research and outreach work in the communities we serve both at home and abroad.”

Opening the conference, Communities Secretary Aileen Campbell MSP told delegates: “With Brexit and austerity, we need to show leadership in Scotland and look at ways we can innovate to mitigate the challenges we face.

“We value our academic partners here at Glasgow Caledonian University, the University for the Common Good, and our vibrant third sector and social economy.”

Dr Artur Steiner, reader in social entrepreneurship at GCU, added: “There is a growing number of people who want to do something good for their communities, they want to do something good for others. 

“Social innovation aims to tackle social challenges in creative ways. Very often it’s about bringing entrepreneurial solutions and empowering local communities.”

For more information visit ISIRC Conference 2019.

– Communities Secretary Aileen Campbell MSP opens ISIRC 2019

MSBM Conference Best Paper Award

Congratulations to Michael Marshall on winning the Best Paper Award at the Mona School of Business & Management Conference, 10th-12th July 2019.

The 4th Conference International Conference on Business and Management held on the 10th-12th July 2019 brings together business practitioners, business scholars, philanthropists, the public sector, and civil society, to share best practices, interrogate theory, concepts and methodologies, and engender new ideas at the intersection of business, philanthropy, capital, innovation and society.

The Mona School of Business & Management is a key plank of the University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona’s value proposition to its constituents in Jamaica and the region. Specifically, its mandate is to be the arm of the University that facilitates effective business education and practices in the private and public sectors in order to advance the economic development agenda of Jamaica and the region.

Summary of Paper:
Author(s): Michael R Marshall; Simon Teasdale; Cam Donaldson; Olga Biosca

The paper proposes a theoretical framework for the macroeconomic analysis of social enterprises. It presents several assumptions about characteristics that are common among groups of social enterprises and are expected to influence their economic behaviour.

The paper considers social enterprises as economic agents that seek to pursue goals related to maximising the utility of their targeted beneficiaries by integrating them into labour and commodities markets. Three (3) broad representative homogeneous groups of social enterprises are proposed that, based on organisational characteristics, are further disaggregated into ten (10) representative groups.

The framework proposed enables further studies into the economic behaviour of social enterprises. Moreover, it enables the evaluation of policy impact on social enterprises as well as the effects of the wider economy on these organisations.

University to host world-leading social innovation conference

Glasgow Caledonian University will host one of the world’s leading social innovation conferences in September.

The International Social Innovation Research Conference, which attracts scholars and policy experts from all over the globe, is being organised by the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health this year.

More than 300 delegates are expected to attend the three-day event, which runs from September 2-4, at 200 SVS in the city centre.

The 2019 conference coincides with Scotland’s Social Enterprise Week.

Keynote speakers include Professor Jürgen Howaldt, Director of Social Research Centre at TU Dortmund University, Professor Alex Nicholls, of the University of Oxford, and Dr Helen Haugh, Research Director for the Centre for Social Innovation at Cambridge Judge Business School.

A civic reception will be hosted by the Lord Provost at Glasgow City Chambers on the evening of September 2 to welcome the delegates to the city.

For more information about the 11th ISIRC visit the event’s website.

GCU to host conference on labour-market integration of migrants

Researchers exploring migrants, refugees and asylum seekers’ integration into labour markets will head to Glasgow Caledonian University in August for the SIRIUS project’s first academic conference.

Sessions across the two days will be structured around six themes, including the role of the third sector in promoting the integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in European societies and labour markets, biographies of labour-market integration, and labour-market integration policies for migrants.

The Yunus Centre is the coordinator of the EU H2020-funded SIRIUS project, which aims to advance the integration of migrants and refugees in European labour markets. The project involves universities and organisations in Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Italy, Switzerland and the UK.

Keynote speakers will include: Professor Christina Boswell from the University of Edinburgh, Professor Barbara Oomen from Utrecht University, GCU’s Dr Ima Jackson and Dr Amparo Gonzalez-Ferrer from the Spanish National Research Council and the Spanish Government.

The free conference will take place on campus on August 29 and 30. All staff and students are welcome to attend and registration is now open on Eventbrite.

Academia Report on Social Business 2019

An exciting Report on 15 selected YSBCs, planned and produced by YY Foundation, is a quick guide to the Academic/university Social Business Programmes and partnerships of the YSBC (Yunus Social Business Centre) Network.   It contains interviews from Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, Former UN Assistant Secretary General Mr Thomas Gass, Dr Ashir Ahmed, Dr Andeas Heinecke, Dr Anita Nowak and others.

For more information and to view the report, please visit the website below: