MSBM Conference Best Paper Award

Congratulations to Michael Marshall on winning the Best Paper Award at the Mona School of Business & Management Conference, 10th-12th July 2019.

The 4th Conference International Conference on Business and Management held on the 10th-12th July 2019 brings together business practitioners, business scholars, philanthropists, the public sector, and civil society, to share best practices, interrogate theory, concepts and methodologies, and engender new ideas at the intersection of business, philanthropy, capital, innovation and society.

The Mona School of Business & Management is a key plank of the University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona’s value proposition to its constituents in Jamaica and the region. Specifically, its mandate is to be the arm of the University that facilitates effective business education and practices in the private and public sectors in order to advance the economic development agenda of Jamaica and the region.

Summary of Paper:
Author(s): Michael R Marshall; Simon Teasdale; Cam Donaldson; Olga Biosca

The paper proposes a theoretical framework for the macroeconomic analysis of social enterprises. It presents several assumptions about characteristics that are common among groups of social enterprises and are expected to influence their economic behaviour.

The paper considers social enterprises as economic agents that seek to pursue goals related to maximising the utility of their targeted beneficiaries by integrating them into labour and commodities markets. Three (3) broad representative homogeneous groups of social enterprises are proposed that, based on organisational characteristics, are further disaggregated into ten (10) representative groups.

The framework proposed enables further studies into the economic behaviour of social enterprises. Moreover, it enables the evaluation of policy impact on social enterprises as well as the effects of the wider economy on these organisations.

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