Scottish political parties support complainer anonymity in manifestos

The team at the CCA are delighted to see the SNP, Scottish Green Party, Scottish Conservatives and the Scottish Liberal Democrats all pledging to support complainer anonymity in their party manifestos.

The SNP has committed to strengthening protection of anonymity of all people who report sexual crimes by enshrining the right to lifeline anonymity in Scots law, as have the Scottish Greens.  The Scottish Conservative manifesto also pledges support for a legal right to anonymity for victims of sexual offences. The Liberal Democrats have stated that they “will listen to the lived experience of victims and legislate to make targeted changes to improve their experience, for example by introducing a right to anonymity for victims of sexual crimes.”

Political commitment to reform is very welcome and much needed.  The CCA will be campaigning to put this issue high on the legislative agenda for the next Scottish Parliament.