Professor to speak at NY Times hub

​Professor Tahseen Jafry will lend her expertise to the New York Times when it comes to Glasgow as part of COP 26.

She will act as a climate justice advocate at the The New York Times Climate Hub, which will take place from Wednesday, November 3, to Thursday, November 11, within the SWG3 arts space in Glasgow and online.

The programme will feature more than 70 events, including panel discussions, workshops, community-curated sessions and film screenings. Sessions will help participants follow climate negotiations, explore the future of biodiversity, understand their personal e-commerce footprint, hear from climate justice advocates, and debate the role of democracy in climate action.

Professor Jafry said: “Raising awareness of what a fair and just transition means is vitally important. Drilling deep into approaches and issues that will ensure that no one is left behind is the essence of this conversation and will hopefully act as a spring board to furthering debate and discussion on this subject post COP26.”

Hannah Fairfield, climate editor for The New York Times, said: “The negotiations in Glasgow are critical to the world’s ability to avert the worst effects of climate change. As the negotiations encourage countries to strengthen their targets for greenhouse-gas reductions, we’ll be using the Climate Hub programme to take audiences deep into our climate journalism, explaining the debates, the future of global cities, oil, wealth and power, interrogating green finance, and exploring what’s needed for the global transition.”

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