Clyde 1 Article

GCU Cyber SecurityStudents at Glasgow Caledonian University recently launched the first student-led Cyber Security Clinic in the country.


The Clinic will enable students to share their expertise with the public, offering demonstrations on keeping personal data safe and answering queries.


GCU’s Head of Cyber Security Dr Jackie Riley says “We know the use of online devices is predicted to increase five-fold by 2025, and with that inevitably comes increased risk and vulnerability.


“We need to make cyber security part of everyday life and our students are an untapped source of knowledge.


“The Cyber Security Clinic will enable them to speak to people directly, finding out what their concerns are and give them the right advice.


“It’s the first time this student-led approach has been used to provide free Cyber Security advice for the public, and it benefits our students by helping them apply their knowledge and develop their own communication skills.”


Third year Cyber Security student Maria Khokar, who is also President of the University’s Ethical Hacking Society, said “We’re going to be speaking to people about using the apps on their phone, about the information they are giving out on social media, and about browsing online with confidence.


“We’ll be able to show people how to get the best out of all these services and be better informed about their online safety, as well as their children, friends and family.”