Researchers join new national public health body

GCU researchers are supporting the COVID-19 research and intelligence efforts at Health Protection Scotland, as it transitions to form part of Scotland’s new national body Public Health Scotland (PHS). The new organisation will play a significant role in the country’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

David Goldberg, Depute Incident Director at PHS and Professor of Public Health at GCU, is leading the COVID-19 Research and Intelligence Steering Group (CRIS) at PHS, formed to develop and coordinate an overarching research and intelligence programme in support of the Health Protection Response.

The Centre for Living’s research team, ordinarily dedicated to combating blood-borne viruses, is now fully supporting CRIS and its three work streams covering Real-Time Epidemiology (co-lead by Dr Andrew McAuley), Enhanced Surveillance (supported by Dr Norah Palmateer and Dr Andrew McAuley) and Modelling and Research (co-lead by Professor Sharon Hutchinson and supported by Dr Alan Yeung).

Professor Jacqui Reilly, co-Lead of the Centre for Living’s ‘Safeguarding Health through Infection Prevention’ (SHIP) Research Group, is also Nurse Director at NHS National Services Scotland and Executive Lead for Quality Healthcare Associated Infection.

Professor Reilly is intensively involved in NHS and Scottish Government planning in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic and will bring SHIP group research findings to bear in her thinking and leadership at this time, particularly in relation to healthcare infection epidemiology, infection prevention practice evidence and public and professional behaviour change in relation to infection prevention. She also led the set-up of the NHS Louisa Jordan from an infection prevention and control perspective as healthcare-associated infection (HAI) executive lead for the hospital.

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