Mission video marks World Hand Hygiene Day

GCU’s Safeguarding Health through Infection Prevention (SHIP) research group celebrated World Hand Hygiene Day with a special mission impossible themed video.
The team joined the World Health Organization’s World Hand Hygiene Day campaign ‘SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands’ to highlight the importance of hand hygiene in preventing the spread of infections in healthcare settings.
Researchers and PhD students from the SHIP research group, with help of other GCU nursing colleagues, released the ‘mission hand hygiene’ video on May 5 through Twitter.
The team’s mission was to teach others how to clean their hands correctly using the World Health Organization’s 6-step hand hygiene technique and to express their gratitude for the enormous work that nurses and midwives are doing, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The SHIP group also support nurses and midwives through their research which focuses on effective measures to prevent infections, by providing high quality evidence for hand hygiene practice and other applied infection prevention and control topics.

The “mission hand hygiene” video has been promoted via Twitter @SHIPGCU and you can watch the video on the SHIP team’s blog here – bit.ly/35Wyrz7

Those involved in the video were Alicia Ann Ware (video originator, co-ordinator and video editor), Lisa Barr, Dr John Butcher, Mairead Collie, Laura Fregonese, Lucyna Gozdzielewska, Annelysse Jorgenson, Dr Ryan Kean and Dr Val Ness.

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