Celebrate science at Explorathon

Join GCU staff in a series of events celebrating Glasgow Explorathon 2020.

Dr Joanna McParland and Dr Ukachukwu Abaraogu will explore the psychological and physiological aspects of pain in Ma leg is loupin’, a free online talk on November 25 at 7pm.

They will discuss fields such as what pain is, how the way we think about pain can affect how we experience it, why we all have a different pain threshold, do males and females experience pain differently, and how we might manage pain using a TENS machine.


You can learn about social innovation and explore how practitioners hope the world could look and what we’d need to do to get us there in Social innovation around the World. The interactive Zoom session is at noon on November 24.

In addition, kids from the city’s Saracen Primary will be learning about viruses and bacteria in We’re all going on a Bug Hunt with GCU’s Safeguarding Health Through Infection Prevention team. As well as learning about infection prevention and control, they will be making their own microscopes and viruses to learn about microbes.

Find out more about Explorathon and the host of events running throughout the event.​

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