Health scientists turn GCU into top read institution

Professor Sebastien Chastin and PhD student Aye Chan Paing have turned GCU into the top read institution in May – ahead of Oxford and Cambridge – with their research articles in global news network The Conversation reaching almost a million readers.

Congratulations to Professor Chastin, who won the top slot with an article on his latest research which found a winning formula for reducing early death by 30% – do three minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise for each hour of sitting.

Professor Chastin’s number one article ‘Thirty minutes’ exercise won’t counteract sitting all day, but adding light movement can help – new research‘, was written in collaboration with Columbia University Professor Keith Diaz, and was read by a whopping 477,524 readers.

And well done to Aye for making it to third place with his article entitled ‘Type 2 diabetes: sitting can cause problems with blood sugar levels, so get up and move‘, co-authored by Professor Chastin. This article attracted 226,060 readers.

Professor Chastin, a Professor in Health Behaviour Dynamics of People, Places and Systems, and Aye, who is a Sedentary Time and Glucose Control in Type 2 Diabetes researcher, (both pictured) were delighted their articles reached the top 5 most read in May, putting GCU well ahead of other universities.

Click here for more information about the articles and their global reach click here.

Both reseachers are part of the University’s Research Centre for Health (ReaCH) – improving health and wellbeing for all.

ReaCH makes a direct and significant contribution to Sustainable Development Goal 3 – good health and wellbeing – issued by United Nations in 2015 as a blueprint for peace and prosperity across the planet.

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